What would you do ...?

Yes, it's true. We do not like resumes. We prefer you to tell us how we might collaborate or work together. We do not care where you studied or what you studied, where you worked or what you've done or not done. That's part of your past. We care about what would you do now. We are interested in your present and your future. We are open to anything, so….tell us.

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we cannot always answer all of them, but we review them, all portfolios or videos you’d send us, and keep all applications in our database for future projects. But keep in mind that if your proposal really is an eye-catcher be sure we will contact you right away.


Do things that leave your mark

You will only succeed putting your passion into what you do.


We don’t like resumes.

We prefer to be surprised.

Send an email to play@thebeginmovies.com

If you send more than just text... please please don’t saturate our mail ... ! We prefer a link.

You can join our team or participate in specific projects being a freelancer.

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