The video of your business on the

world's most used search engine:Google.

The best way for your customers to find you online.

If you need something, look it up on Google.

People search everything they need on the Google; whether it is a restaurant, a gym to join, or any service they need. The Internet has changed the way people search for things they need, putting aside conventional media such as local directories or general press.

In Europe, over 90% of searches are done through Google, so we will position the corporate video of your company in the most used search engine in the world.

Keyword Tool from Google.

The keywords allow people to find you on the Internet, even if they forget your name or if they don’t know you, thanks to a set of words that describe your industry, your product or the service you offer, your location, etc...

Google Maps.

Users tend to search for what they need within their local area.

People do not search for the word ‘Gym’; they search ‘Gym in London’, because sometimes you need a service within your area just to make your life easier.

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Google + Profile.

Once the user has made a local search related to your industry, your product or service, it is important to appear as close to the top of the search results as possible, so they can find you more easily.

We take care of the Google + profile, with your logo and a description of the products or services you offer, with photographs of your premises, opening times, payment methods, comments, etc... and of course your corporate video.

Having an updated page with quality content makes Google take full account of this results and therefore lift up your position. Also as it is a local search, competitors are fewer in number than in a global search, so it will be easier to appear in the top positions.


We will show your video to everyone

We want your corporate video to be seen. Therefore a lot of people will get it through the largest media tool of all times, the Internet.

We want your potential customers to see it, so we will post it on sites where they can find you easily.

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