A first encounter with thebeginmovies.

This first meeting is to get to know you. We want to hear from you. We need to know your company, your facilities, the team you work with, your products or services offered by your company. We need to know what type of corporate video you require, what tone of communication to use, and the style that goes in-line with your company.

Developing of a good script.

A script with a creative concept.

A good script supports a good corporate video. Devote time to decide what you want to say about your company, about your team, your products, the service you offer, your beginnings, etc ... At the end of the day we are going to tell a story and it should be well structured and should be easy to understand. Every script should have a creative concept that should put together the corporate video.

Shooting day, let’s film.

Now is the day of the shooting and everything should be ready. That day everything should be perfectly neat and clean, your employees should be well dressed and their uniforms impeccable - after all, it's your image that will be in focus. You must also ensure that everything is very well lit, as cameras do not behave similarly under low light environments.

Video editing, post production.

Now it’s the turn of our editors. Your corporate video is at the post-production stage and is being edited. At this point we select the scenes that will appear and select the best shots we've recorded. We will also add transitions and effects that will support the corporate video aesthetics. All depending on the style chosen by you, the style that goes in-line with the spirit of your company.

Your corporate video in 5 steps

We make it easy for you without interrupting your routine. The process is very simple.


Review, video delivery and maintenance of your company’s video.

We have finished your corporate video and we will show it you. At this time we open a review period in case you think it's appropriate to make any changes on the final edition.

If everything is correct you will receive your video in 4 formats: the original high-definition format, Smart Phone format so you can carry on a mobile device, Mail format so you can send it by e-mail and Web format so you can hang it on any Web page.

We also have a maintenance service, which means that (subject to an annual fee) your corporate video will be constantly updated with changes that may occur to your company.

We take care of everything.

We will advise you throughout the process of making your video.

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