A good corporate video should

the correct length of time.

If you want your corporate video to be seen by a greater number of people on the Internet, you must present a dynamic corporate video that expresses the spirit of your company at the right time. A long corporate video may bore you, meaning that you won’t see it until the end. Ideally, a corporate video shouldn't be longer than an advert - one or two minutes are usually enough.

You need to be clear about

what you want to communicate.

It is necessary that you meet with your producer to explain in detail what you want to convey with your company's corporate video. You must be clear about what you want to communicate about your company. Take your time to find out if your company needs a modern style, a more serious tone, an elegant tone or conservative. All this depends on the activity and service your company provides.

Develop a good script.

A good script supports a good corporate video. It is very important to spend time deciding what to communicate about your; company, your team, your products, the service you offer, your beginnings, etc... At the end of the day we are going to tell a story and it should be well structured and should be easily understandable. Behind every script should be a good creative concept.

Let the professionals advise you.

Trust the creative approach of your production team, they are professionals and that is what they do for living. Let the screenwriter, the camera operator, the producer, etc ... advise you in each and every one of the stages you will go past during the making of your corporate video. Remember that no one knows your business better than yourself, so keep your own judgment and try to your explain your concepts to your production team, which all helps to improve the final quality of your corporate video.

Tips for a good corporate video

A good corporate video should follow these 7 sections.


A good soundtrack,

instead of voice-over.

Becoming a typical ad that may appear on a local TV channel composed of a succession of single images and a voice-over is a common mistake in any corporate video. The voice-over, although sometimes necessary, can detract from the aesthetics of a corporate video. The story can be told can just with images and a good soundtrack. Images say more than words.

Use Glide-track on set.

The Glide-track is a support for video cameras that allows you to do a shot in movement without noticeable vibrations when the camera operator is moving. The shots achieved are spectacular and provide great aesthetics to your corporate video. It is somewhat more expensive, but the shots made with it are worthwhile. It is an optimal choice for large spaces, where the operator can make long tracking shots without cuts.

Video editing

and Post-production.

Video editing has improved a lot and now pretty much anything can be done. The post production will support and give aesthetics to your corporate video using titles, transitions and other effects. According to the style of communication chosen, we will decide which effects are most suitable for your corporate video depending on whether you need a very modern look or a more conservative air.

There are many ways to make a video.

The best one is to do it right.

Here are a few tips.

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